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Marriage Retreat Weekend
Maximize Your Time At Home

Learn how to communicate on deeper levels and navigate the dynamics of marriage today!

Topics Include:

Faith, Rebuilding Trust, Intimacy and Communication

FREE Replay NOW Available for this Virtual Marriage Retreat for Married, Engaged and Seriously Dating Couples.

About Your Host
Billy & Yolanda Jackson

Live in Peace Ministries, LLC was founded by Billy and Yolanda Jackson. These two are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to “real life” marriage and family situations. Two very different souls from broken first marriages found God’s true love the second time around and blended their families together through marriage in 2007.

Their ministry mission is To Know and Love God, To Become the Best Us and To Go and Equip Others to Do the Same.

Billy and Yolanda are fully committed to teaching married people that life is better together. Inspiring them to believe that no matter where the broken pieces have fallen, you still can live in peace with God. With this hope, they passionately empower married people to live relentlessly as examples of the Gospel to their family, friends, community and those they will encounter along the path God has prepared for them.

Marriage Retreat
Maximize Your Time At Home

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